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Hot Chilli 'Crate of Fire' Box

Hot Chilli 'Crate of Fire' Box Hot Chilli 'Crate of Fire' Box Hot Chilli 'Crate of Fire' Box Hot Chilli 'Crate of Fire' Box Hot Chilli 'Crate of Fire' Box Hot Chilli 'Crate of Fire' Box
Brand: His Box
Product Code: chilli01
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Hot Chilli 'Crate of Fire' Box

Now HOTTER than ever!

When it comes to manly foods they don't come much manlier than the chilli. Now with Blair's Ultra Death Sauce which comes in a Coffin which should be used sparingly. Ultra Death should not be consumed without dilution. Originally this sauce contained ingredients 800 times hotter than a jalapeno chili but now Blair tells us that he's ramped up the heat way further!

Have you got the nuts for the Who Dares Burns! Naga Peanuts! Be careful - these aren't those namby pamby "chilli flavoured" nuts you'll find in most shops, pubs and bars. Who Dares Burns! Naga Peanuts sort the men from the boys and should be handled with care!

If you can eat the Bonnet Blaster Chilli Jam in our Chilli HisBox and you are a man. If you can eat the Nitrol Naga Chilli Jam, you are a real man. The Bhut Jaloka Chilli Jam comes with an 'extreme care' warning. Eat this 'real man jam' and you have reached new heights of manliness. With a combination of Scotch Bonnets, Nagas, Bhut (ghost) and Jaloka chillies, you will need some real manly prowess to conquer this level of spice. You have been warned!

Our fiery chilli HisBox is the ideal present for the dedicated chilli lover in your life, someone that thinks they can eat hot food. You will find a wide range of chilli based products in this crate.  but our Naga Masala has a rating of 1,001,304 and comes premixed for creating your own Naga Masalla curry which feeds eight and comes with a warning to only handle whilst wearing gloves and safety googles. Along with our super-hot chilli jams and Extra Hot 'Who Dares Burns' Naga Bhut Jolokia Sauce, our crate now also includes are the 'Ring Of Fire' after curry wipes which he will be very grateful for in the morning!

Buy this Box for the man in your life, and tell him to Man Up when he complains that its just tooooo HOT!

Hot Chilli HisBox Contains

  • Blair's Ultra Death Sauce in a Coffin
  • Who Dares Burns, Naga Peanuts
  • ​Bonnet Blaster Chilli Jam
  • Nitro Naga Chilli Jam
  • Naga Masalla Curry Kit (Feeds eight) 18+ Only
  • Extra Hot 'Who Dares Burns' Naga Bhut Jolokia Sauce
  • Ring Of Fire After Curry Wipes
  • Bhut Jaloka Chilli Jam (extreme care needed)

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